The BlockBurn Game

BlockBurn is set to revolution both cryptocurrency and the mobile gaming industry with the world’s first ever crypto mobile gaming network. Players bet BURN tokens against each other in ferocious battle, the more matches a player wins, the more times they enter the lottery, increasing their odds in the ever growing lottery jackpot.

MVP standalone application for MacOs and Windows OS

A stunning UX/UI for all onboarding users on our web platform

A stunning functional MVP for all smart phones and mobile devices

Built By Gamers... For Gamers

Unique Character Customziation

Stay true to your identity, with layered character customization tools! Choose the skin color, body type and accessories to build a character you connect with. You can even choose the type of weapon you will arm your character with. Special character upgrades are available. The BlockBurn network utilizes a unique shop system, devised to employ a dependable currency while doubling as a store of value. When players purchase special character customizations, the tokens will be held in a separate wallet but not sold. Eventually players can “sell” their character item back to the game and are refunded their tokens. This way, “buying” character items becomes an investment of BURN, not an actual sale.

Game Mode Selection

Choose your battle arena! Players are able to choose what gaming mode to select. The free play mode does not require any tokens to play. This mode is ideal as a training ground for new players, or for those who do not wish to bet their BURN tokens. Players play against AI bots and not against real opponents. Competitive mode hosts live battle matches against real opponents. Players are prompted to choose their wagers before the game begins and bets are entered into the collective stake. There are two competitive modes, 1v1 and 2v2, players can select which more they would like to battle in.

Great Levels

The BlockBurn gaming experience is crafted with user experience at the forefront of design, with fun layouts and scenes. Each level is artistically set with beautiful graphics. The game layouts are challenging enough to add just the right amount of difficulty to the game, while not being too difficult as to impede the flow of gameplay.

Fight Together

Each victory brings you closer to winning the jackpot, players who win more matches receive more lottery tickets, increasing the odds of winning the ever growing BURN lottery pool. The winner is drawn at random and each lottery entry has equal chances of winning. The system for picking the winner is simple. Every entry token counts as one participation. This means that someone with 7 entries is 7 times more likely to win compared with someone with just a single entry. The jackpot grows day by day, giving a player more reason to master the BlockBurn battle arena and stack up those lottery ticket entries.