Where Cryptocurrency and Online Gaming Meet

BlockBurn is blazing a new trail in the gaming industry, one that will serve as the nexus between online gaming and cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies that you won for the game can be easily obtained through crypto exchanges or auto trading bots like bitcoin pro. In fact, the bitcoin pro platform is a powerful trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to facilitate trading for investors and traders.

We are working tirelessly in creating a dynamic and market ready mobile gaming network with wagers being made on the blockchain, BURN being the token used to bet. Our team is currently developing a highly engaging multiplayer gaming experience that will give players the opportunity to win cryptocurrency with real value.

Raising Funds Through IEO

Funds raised through the IEO will be used to further accelerate the expansion of BURN and allow us to continue and increase development, as well as provide additional funds for marketing and new exchanges.

The BlockBurn Game

Plug in, build your character and face your opponents in a fierce battle arena, with wagers on the line. The BlockBurn game is at the heart of BURN. Players can customise their characters, purchase special weapons and accessories, choose their arena and charge into battle with their weapons drawn.


While the game is a lot of fun and truly addictive, it's not just for kicks… players play for real crypto. At the beginning of each round, players place their bet and hope they will emerge victorious.

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BlockBurn The Dapp

Convenience at Your Fingertips!

Manage your BURN holdings easily and conveniently with the BlockBurn dapp. Safely store, send and receive tokens after successful 2FA activation. Holders of BURN are able to stake their tokens for a generous reward within the dapp.

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BlockBurn Coin Details

Token Name Blockburn
Symbol BURN
Token Type ERC 20
Token Supply 2,000,000,000
Hard Cap $1.2 Million (USD)
Price 1 BURN $0.005
Contract Address 0x8515cd0f00ad81996d24b9a9c35121a3b759d6cd
ROUND 1 - $0.005 + 15% Bonus
ROUND 2 - $0.005 + 10% Bonus

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