What Makes Us


Equal Participation

Having paid close attention to fixed supply coins, inflation coins and deflationary coins with keen interest to their roles in cryptocurrency volatility and general market stability, we have decided to introduce BlockBurn. BlockBurn is a contemporary deflationary coin with key utilities in peer to peer transactions, obscurity and store of value.


Transparent Finance

With BlockBurn's unique architecture, members of the cryptocurrency ecosystem will no longer worry about volatilises and loss of value. Because value is a function of supply, deflationary orchestration plays key role in value appreciation. In line with this, we'll deploy the BURN token with the 2% deflation rate as a means of empowering users to derive immense benefits when the value of the token begins to soar.


Rapidly Innovative

BlockBurn has so many exciting events lined up for the next couple of months, These will be rolled out in sequence to help spread the excitement overtime. Our checklist includes exchange listing, industry partnerships, community events, and all the way down to recruitment of passionate and committed community members as global ambassadors. All these will provide flavour to the project and community development at large.

The BlockBurn

Blockburn is a fully funded project, and as a result no funds will be solicited via ICOs, IEOs or any form of sales whatsoever. The project was propounded to enact a better store of value and equipped with an anti-inflationary architecture to help combat inflation induced depreciation.

2 million BURN tokens

would be issued. The BlockBurn Token has already been issued on the Ethereum Blockchain.

No Initial Coin Offering

The tokens would be disseminated to the crypto community through Airdrops and future bounties. This is part of our commitment to reward our loyal community.

The BlockBurn

BlockBurn App

The BlockBurn dApp is a reflection of the great values of the BURN coin. It will serve as a utility hub for the members of BlockBurn ecosystem and crypto community at large. Designed with an excellent user interface and packed with robust functions. The app will be available on both Android and IOS platforms.


Users can safely store, receive and send tokens after successful 2FA activation.

Game [Play n Earn]

We understand that crypto is now part of 80% individual’s lifestyle that make up the community, and the App is designed with a game which user can relax with and earn rewards.


Members of the Burn ecosystem who also don’t wish to trade can also stake their tokens for an attractive reward within the App.

Read n Get Paid

Stay abreast on all current media developments in the crypto world and earn as well earn rewards while at it.

The BlockBurn Team

The BlockBurn Team has decided to remain anonymous in order to focus on project development

Updated 2019 Road Map

Q1 Feb - March

Conception of idea

Web and contract development

Beta version of website release

Seed funds raised

Q2 May - June

TGE Event

Community reward programs

Exchange listings

Full website rollout


Q3 July - Sept

App Beta Testing

Alpha release

Top 50 Exchange listing

Solidifying Industry Partnerships

Q4 Oct - Dec

MVP release

MOU with strategic vendors and partners

Token Distribution

Community - 50%
Development - 15%
Advisors and Partners - 10%
Marketing - 10%
Team - 10% [2 years lock]
Reserve - 5%